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    Mehalev – about us


    Mehalev – The Israeli Center of Accessibility in Communication was founded with the initiative of the JOINT, the Association for Handicapped and with the help of Kilim Electronics. The center was created as a project to provide accessibility and assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing in Israel. Supervision and guidance were provided by experts in Acoustics and Audiology and based on models present in the United States and Europe.


    Kilim Electronics – has been a leading company in Israel in Lighting and Sound Amplification for over 65 years. Kilim Electronics has joined in creating the center, and has studied the subject extensively. By learning about the facts both locally and internationally and maintaining relations with leading global centers and producers, the company was able to create standards and customer service in this brach of communication according to ADA standards.


    There are over 700,000 hard-of-hearing in Israel with differents ages and level of hearing deterioration. Conventional Hearing aids do not supply a perfect solution for those people during diverse activities such as attending lectures, watching TV or answering the telephone.

    Mehalev was created to complete the function of hearing aids or switch them for assistive listening devices. Older people, who often have difficulty in operating hearing aids, need simpler solutions in the forms of assistive listening devices or personal amplifiers. The target of Mehalev was to supply technical and guiding solutions of help the hard-of-hearing and improve their ability to interact with their family, society during school, entertainment and vacations.


    Mehalev's target audiences are the deaf, deaf and blind, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired of all age categories. Mehalev also supplies sound amplification and systems to private and public bodies.


    The companies supplying the assistive listening devices were rigorously chosen to comply with Israeli and global standards about their products' effectivity, quality and upgradeability. More products from other companies are still compared to those standards. All this is done to supply the hard-of-hearing community with advanced and appropriate solutions. The companies chosen are the leaders in the assistive listening devices field in the world and are exclusively represented in Israel by Mehalev. Mehalev is always attentive to new developments and will bring the newest and highest quality of equipment to the Israeli consumer. Also, with the cooperation of the companies, Mehalev develops new products, to fit the specific needs of the Israeli population.


    Mehalev has the ISO-9000 and ADA standards of assistive listening devices as presented to the companies, and permits from the Ministry of Communication to operate and supply wireless equipment.

    During its years of operation, Mehalev was selected to supply assistive listening devices to many governmental facilities and Ministries, Bituach Leumi, and medical centers. Mehalev has funding arrangements with all medical centers and its activities are backed up by EEG doctors, social workers and communication clinics in all of Israel.

    Mehalev has a professional and skilled staff trained to supply solutions and guidance for hearing problems. The staff includes agents who arrive at the client's home, free of charge, to demonstrate and fit the devices, as well as office technical support which will give full support both over the phone and at the office.

    Mehalev works on public projects as well, and has provided modifications of public sites for its target populations. Mehalev has modified hundreds of public leisure, educational and culture sites and made them accessible to the hard-of-hearing.

    During the last years, Mehalev has developed a unique active voice guidance system, allowing the importing of audio information to the vision-, cognate- and physically-impaired. The system, an Israeli development, has won awards and recognition from professionals around the world.

    Mehalev also supplies call center equipment to help communications with the disabled. Improving the equipment and quality of the receptionists' hearing and speech can help communications with the population, and especially help them understand and communicate with the hard-of-hearing or cognitively-impaired.

    Mehalev's staff includes engineers, technicians, field agents and office support, and trained and ready to help with inquiries and supply the solutions.


    CEO – Moshe Kilim, B.Sc. engineer and graduate of Tel-Aviv University.

    Deputy Managing director – Ravit Kredi, MB.A. Management and economics.

    “When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” (Helen Keller)



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